ravana (3)

Sri Rama Vijaya Dasami by Giriraj Swami


We read from Srimad-Bhagavatam, Canto Nine, Chapter Ten: “The Pastimes of the Supreme Lord, Ramacandra.”


te ’nikapa raghupater abhipatya sarve
dvandvam varutham ibha-patti-rathasva-yodhaih
jaghnur drumair giri-gadesubhir angadadyah


Angada and the other commanders of the soldiers of Ramacandra faced the elephants, infantry, horses, and chariots of the enemy and hurled against them big trees, mountain peaks, clubs, and arrows. Thus the soldi

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Ravana’s strength – and his main problem – originated not in his conspicuous multiple heads but in his less conspicuous heart.

The Ramayana culminates in a massive war between the vicious Ravana and the virtuous Rama, the Supreme descended in human form. The confrontation between them is triggered by Ravana’s abduction of Rama’s wife, Sita. But its seeds were sowed much earlier, by the demon’s atrocities that had extended for a long time.

Ravana is traditionally seen as the embodiment o

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Have You Burnt The Ravana Within?


By Caitanya Caran Das

The basic storyline of Ramayana is very similar to that of a typical movie.

Both feature a hero, a heroine and a villain; both depict the villain lusting for the heroine; both delineate an exciting confrontation between the hero and the villain, culminating in the destruction of the villain and re-union of the hero and the heroine. However, there is one vital difference in the movie, the hero, the heroine and the villain are all actually villains.

Many people think of a vi

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