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Global Puja for Ukraine by Jayananda Das


On April 3rd, 2022 an international event took place for a worldwide puja invoking the blessings from Lord Narasimha’s divine protection towards the devastating conflict happening in Ukraine. This conflict has affected the lives of thousands of Ukrainians and the number is growing every day. The conflict not only impacts Ukrainians but is impacting all of us globally. The event felt like a must to help Ukrainians and pray for the protection of all during these chaotic times. Organizers and help

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Radhastami Puja !!!


Srimati Radharani appeared on the eight day of the waxing moon of Hrsikesha (Bhadra) mase, at noon.

“Srimati Radharani is as fully spiritual as Krishna. No one should consider Her to be material. She is definitely not like the conditioned souls, who have material bodies, gross and subtle, covered by material senses. She is all spiritual, and both Her body and mind are of the same spiritual embodiment. Because Her body is spiritual, Her senses are also spiritual. Thus Her body, mind and senses f

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