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Productivity by Bhaktimarga Swami


The Lotus Foundation is an initiative of learning about basic principles of dharma. As one of the directors, I was asked to promote the initiative, which has been up and running for its third year now. The participants are young and it is attracting families who want to gain some insight into Vedic culture. Some of the subjects learned are hands on yoga, nutrition, plant-based diet and the values behind it, gardening, chanting mantras, basic elements of etiquette and even learning of the three

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Are smart phones making us dumb?

Do you remember your first phone? I certainly do. At 16 I landed in the hospital for two weeks due to Pneumonia. During that time my parents thought it wise to get me a mobile. And thus I welcomed my first phone into my life. Interestingly some 20 years later I’ve not, not had a mobile since. It's now become a part of me like racism’s a part of Trump.

I remember two things about that Nokia 3310 quite vividly. If you are a little older you may recall the snake game that was loaded onto the mobile.

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