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Request To & From A Mother

8909932075?profile=RESIZE_584xBy Achyut Gopal Das
Today on the occasion of Mother's Day, I went to meet the cow, our mother to wish her for Mother's Day and make a request to her. I requested her to shower her blessings and mercy on her children who are suffering so badly due to the deadly covid virus. The good news for all of us is that, she mercifully agreed to shower her heartfelt blessings, prayers, mercy on all her children. After all, that's the heart of a mother - always wanting and desiring best for her children. I
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A Krishna Conscious mother plays a very influential role in the lives of her children, especially in the development of their Krishna consciousness.

A Krishna Conscious Mother selflessly serves her children in the service of Lord Krishna.

A Krishna Conscious Mother constantly prays to Krishna for the welfare of her children.

A Krishna Conscious Mother is the shelter for her children when the world’s ways trouble them.

A Krishna Conscious Mother guides her children to seek the shelter of the Sup

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Mothers and Kids


It is an odd development of the modern world that being excessively anxious about our children is considered a virtue. We consider ourselves good parents if we make life easy for them, reward them for the smallest achievement, and are anxious for their safety and well being at all times.
There is, however, a hidden message in all of this anxious attention and it’s not good. As a teacher and school principal for 20 years, I saw all kinds of kids and all kinds of parents. For those who had confid

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 The number of calls to our temple/ashram are increasing.  This is a fairly typical dialogue:
 “Are you guys open?”
“Do you know when?”
“It’s hard to say.  Most likely we’ll open when most other places do.”
“That’s too bad. I miss (the temple or Govinda’s).”
“There’s not much we can do,” we have to say.
Basically a conversation like the above makes me happy that people are missing Krishna and that there is a spiritual need.  It shows that we are wired to need other people and that lonel
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