gauranga darshan das (4)

When one is sincere in seeking Krishna’s shelter, He will divert us from fake gurus
and direct us towards authentic gurus of bhakti.

Lord Krishna displays His mercy to an unimaginable extent in Vrindavan, His divine abode. He gave the position of a mother to a monster who came to kill Him. She was Putana, a rakshasi, whose business was to search for infants, kill them and suck their blood. She represents a fake guru or the fickle mind that distracts a spiritual seeker from one’s goal in bhakti-y

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The act of God punishing the demons denotes
His way of purifying our negative qualities.  

“Is there a demon within me!?” It’s hard to believe it. One may think, “After all, I am neither a demon nor haunted by a ghost.” Yes! we are not ghostly, but godly. But its a fact that negative personality traits that are commonly found in demons are also sometimes found in common people. A responsible person diligently detects them in oneself and tries to eradicate them with determination and devotion. 

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Mistakes cannot be endorsed, but our disapproval of wrongdoings need not make us apathetic to the wrongdoers.
To err is human, to forgive divine. Looking beyond the mistake is not the same as overlooking the mistake.
“Hate the Sin, Not the Sinner!” is the golden principle exemplified by great people.
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