excitement (3)


Up north, I go to Muskoka and more particularly to Huntsville, population 10,000. Nityananda and Arpan are my companions. We arrived at 7 am and in this quaint and touristic town you see the well known Muskoka or Adirondack chair just everywhere. Moreover the downtown you can spot dozens of murals of the famous Group of Seven artists (my favourites). On Main Street something special is happening. A new Krishna Culture Centre is opening, which includes a restaurant, temple and living facilities.

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It was a day of devotional intensity with the building in full vibration of mantra. Swamis and congregants young and old took the lead with schedules. It was a real quality presentation by participants. I mean to say that good voices and easy to follow melodies were executed, keeping in mind the need for inclusiveness.

I was given the honour to begin the 12-hour celebration of the name. The couple, Mahapurna, spun off from there with a rocking kirtan. Now, I was not present at every single sess

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Excitement by Bhaktimarga Swami


There is excitement in the air, not just here, in the Greater Vancouver area, but everywhere. Preparations are being made for the birthday of Krishna, and He is so important to us. That is what all the fuss is about.

Tents are rising. The boys are erecting them and setting up signs to give direction to the coming crowds. Girls are making garlands. And all are adorning the temple, inside and out, with decorations galore. Cooks are making tasty preparations. Schedules are being sent in virtual an

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