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How could your life change if you choose to think this way?

1. My human life is sacred and I am responsible to honor it in that way.

“The human body, which can award all benefit in life, is automatically obtained by the laws of nature, although it is a very rare achievement. This human body can be compared to a perfectly constructed boat having the spiritual master as the captain and the instructions of the Personality of Godhead as favorable winds impelling it on its course. Considering all th

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From Back to Godhead

In believing our senses, how far do we go?

“Not enough evidence, God! Not enough evidence!”

The atheist philosopher Bertrand Russell was once asked what he would say if he found himself standing before God on judgment day and God asked him, “Why didn’t you believe in Me?” Russell replied, “I would say ‘Not enough evidence, God! Not enough evidence!’”

When philosophers or scientists complain about lack of evidence, they mean empirical evidence or evidence that can be interpr

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