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10811791682?profile=RESIZE_584xOn September 7th, the ISKCON Governing Body Commission (GBC), released its final decision regarding the 30-year case on the status of Lokanatha Swami in ISKCON. Their final decision is: that his status as initiating guru continues. The decision, however, is three-fold: firstly, the panel created in 2021 to decide on the proper handling of the case, decided against ever re-opening the case or sending it to the Child Protection Office (CPO) for re-examination. Second, the GBC decided that any regi

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GBC Releases Decision on Lokanath Swami

10809447482?profile=RESIZE_584xFrom the ISKCON Communications Ministry
September 7, 2022

Dear Devotees,

Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

The ISKCON Governing Body Commission (GBC) today released its decision regarding the status of Lokanatha Swami. That resolution is attached below along with other relevant documents.

The GBC also released two other documents. One is the 73+ page report and recommendations of the 5-member Panel appointed by the GBC to review Lokanath Swami’s situation.


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