bhakti path (2)

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By Urban Devi

On February 28, the monthly Urban Devi sanga featured Manjuali Devi Dasi sharing her personal reflections, daily actions, and the gifts of fellowship of the bhakti path. She revealed how contemplative prayer, daily practice, and an enthusiasm to meet life’s daily challenges with awareness, support our quest for self-realization and a loving relationship with the Divine. She shares her insights from a life dedicated to bhakti on how to trust our inner guide and, at

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8082481871?profile=RESIZE_584xThe Sacred Ecology Forum – which facilitates environmental activism and spiritual growth rooted in the Krishna Bhakti tradition – is presenting a special Eco-Bhakti weekend from October 23rd to 25th on Zoom.

The weekend is presented in collaboration with the Bhakti Center (NYC) and the Hindu Life Program at Princeton University, with Allegra Lovejoy organizing on behalf of the Sacred Ecology Forum and Venkata Bhatta Das (Vineet Chander) organizing on behalf of the Princeton University Hindu Life

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