ananda vrindavaneshwari devi dasi (2)


All yogis are careful about what they eat…or at least they should be. Food is not only connected to our physical well being but also our karmic footprint. In general, we tend to be rather neglectful of karma, nature’s law of action and reaction. As humans, we imagine ourselves above the law, different from nature, and somehow immune to its rules.
But indeed, every single thing we do, every move we make, is not without its impact on our lives – now and in the future. Eating is an obvious and eas

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Recently I was in New York attending an initiation ceremony. As I watched the new devotees, young and old, take their vows, I reflected on my own beginnings.

Over 35 years ago I sat before the fire and took the same vows. I am grateful to still be practicing. Later that day I heard a talk which shared 4 reasons why devotees sometimes give up the process of Krishna consciousness, the one they once started so enthusiastically. Turning them into positives, here are 4 things, if we do them well, th

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