Krishnashtaka : Eight Pada on Krishna by Adi Shankaracharya.

Sing salutations to The only ornation of Vraj, Who destroys every sin (among us), Who is continuous bliss for His devotees, and Who is the dear one of Nanda. I bow to naughty Krishna, Who has beautiful bunch of peacock feathers on head, Who has a sweet sounding flute in hands, and Who is inseparable from God and is full of colorful actions.||1||

I bow to The lotus-eyed One, Whose beauty slays the pride of Kamdev (Manoj), Who has fulsome lips and beautiful big eyes, Who removed the thoughts of obstacles from cow-rearers (gopa). I bow to head-elephant-like-carefree Krishna, Who lifted a mountain in His lotus like hands, Whose smile and gaze is enticing, and Who slayed the pride of Indra.||2||

I bow to Krishna, Who is hard to get, Who has beautiful earrings made of flowers of kadamba-tree, Who has two beautiful cheeks, Who is the only dear One of land of Vraj. I bow to Krishna as cow-rearing-leader, Who is supreme bliss when viewed with Yashoda, Cow-rearers, and Nand.||3||

I bow to the son of Nanda, Whose lotus-feet is always immersed in the maan-sarovar like lake of my mind, Who has beautiful curls falling upon his face. I bow to the delight of Nand, Who is absolver of all defects (in us), Who looks after everyone in this world, and Who is the heart of every Gopa or cow-rearer.||4||

I bow to the heart-stealer, Who relieved earth of heavy weight (of humans), Who is the support for us to cross the ocean of life and death, and Who is the young son of Yashoda. I bow to the son of Nand, Who has beautiful glancing eyes, Who is always accompanied by bumble-bees, and Who appears new to His devotee, everytime, and leaves them mesmerized.||5||

I bow to the dear one of Gopas, Who is the abode of qualities, mercy, and happiness, and does not needs any mercy from anyone, and Who relieved the problems of demi-gods. I bow to cloud-colored beautiful one, Who is a new cowherd rearer and playful, Who is always thinking of new ways to mesmerize the mortals, and Who is wearing yellow lightening like robes.||6||

I bow to Krishna, Who roamed amidst the gardens of Vraj, Who is dear to every cow-rearer in Vraj, Who is the only happiness for heart, and Who has a sun like resplendent face. I bow to Krishna, Who is the leader of everyone in gardens of Vraj, Who is desireless but fulfils desire of everyone, Whose glances are like beautiful enticing arrows, and Who sings mesmerizing tunes over flute.||7||

I bow to The consort of Lakshmi, Who slept in the bed-like-dreams of young gopikas in Vraj, Who swallowed the forest and garden fire inside Vraj to save His fellows, Who is surrounded by the divine glow, Who is decorated in every way, and Who gave moksha to Gajendra, the elephant king.||8||

O Lord! Whenever or wherever I am born, may I be immersed in Your beautiful ornate stories. Whomsoever sings the Krishnashtaka, and meditates on it shall be born with Krishna bhakti in every life.||9||
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  • Hare Krishna Mataji!!! Very nice one! Hari Hari Bol!!
  • This is so so beautiful! Krishna is now even more Gorgeous in my mind! <3
  • hare krsna

    Mataji thanks for deleivering so beautifull katha of Lord .

    hari hariiiiiiiiiiiiiii bol
  • Hare Krishna Mataji, you got a pandora box wherefrom you are taking out beautiful jewels like this one, one after the other.
  • bhaje vrajaika-maṇḍanaḿ samasta-pāpa-khaṇḍanaḿ

    sva-bhakta-citta-rañjanaḿ sadaiva nanda-nandanam

    su-piccha-guccha-mastakaḿ su-nāda-veṇu-hastakam

    anańga-rańga-sāgaraḿ namāmi kṛṣṇa-nāgaram


    manoja-garva-mocanaḿ viśāla-lola-locanaḿ

    vidhūta-gopa-śocanaḿ namāmi padma-locanam

    karāravinda-bhūdharaḿ smitāvaloka-sundaraḿ

    mahendra-māna-dāraṇaḿ namāmi kṛṣṇa-vāraṇam


    kadamba-sūna-kuṇḍalaḿ su-cāru-gaṇḍa-maṇḍalaḿ

    vrajāńganaika-vallabhaḿ namāmi kṛṣṇa-durlabham

    yaśodayā sa-modayā sa-gopayā sa-nandayā

    yutaḿ sukhaika-nāyakam namāmi gopa-nāyakam


    sadaiva pāda-pańkajaḿ madīya-mānase nijam

    dadhānam uttamālakaḿ namāmi nanda-bālakam

    samasta-doṣa-śoṣaṇaḿ samasta-loka-poṣaṇaḿ

    samasta-gopa-mānasaḿ namāmi kṛṣṇa-lālasam


    bhuvo bharāvatārakaḿ bhavābdhi-karṇadhārakaḿ

    yaśomatī-kiśorakaḿ namāmi dugdha-corakam

    dṛg-anta-kranta-bhańginaḿ sadā-sadāli-sańginaḿ

    dine dine navaḿ navaḿ namāmi nanda-sambhavam


    guṇākaraḿ sukhākaraḿ kṛpākaraḿ kṛpāvaraḿ

    sura-dviṣan-nikandanaḿ namāmi gopa-nandanam

    navīna-gopa-nāgaraḿ navīna-keli-lampaṭaḿ

    namāmi megha-sundaraḿ taḍit-prabhā-lasat-paṭam


    samasta-gopa-nandanaḿ hṛd-ambujaika-mohanaḿ

    namāmi kuñja-madhya-gaḿ prasanna-bhānu-śobhanam

    nikāma-kāma-dāyakaḿ dṛg-anta-cāru-sāyakaḿ

    rasāla-veṇu-gāyakaḿ namāmi kuñja-nāyakam



    namāmi muñja-kānane pravṛddha-vahni-pāyinam

    yadā tadā yathā tathā tathaiva kṛṣṇa-sat-kathā

    mayā sadaiva gīyatāḿ tathā kṛpā vidhīyatām


    pramāṇikāṣṭaka-dvayaḿ japaty adhītya yaḥ pumān

    bhavet sa nanda-nandane bhave bhave su-bhaktimān
  • Radhe Radhe maate............i will surely meditate on your post krishnashtaka so that i can also be born with krishna bhakti in my every life............
  • Hari Bol! Splendid, the description really awakens our mind with the transcendental feelings. Reading or listneing krisnataka is most important before seeing the deity, because it makes us understand how to connect our mind and intellect with GOD at the time of Darshana.

    Thanks for your nice service. let's pray together.
  • Hari Bol! Very nice prayers mathaji! Do you have the original verses in english, if so please send.

    Radhe Radhe!
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