The Samadhi Dance Company from Amsterdam performs on the Apollo Theater's stage in London

David C. Photography

On November 24th, the UK ISKCON devotees celebrated their 50th Anniversary in grandeaur at the famous Apollo Theater in downtown London. The show brought together performing arts from East and West, theatrical acrobatics, live music and sacred song, immersive mantra choir experience, award-winning dance and incredible 3D visuals.


The legendary Apollo Theater in London

This was a modern expression of ancient culture in a spectacular story of how timeless wisdom from India came to swinging 60s London, and what a beautiful blue boy called Krishna has to teach people about the world today.


The Beatles performed in this space over sixty times. 

The event gathered over 3,000 people to celebrate and chant together, including three of the original pioneers (Malati Devi, Gurudas Prabhu and Shyamasundar Prabhu), Radhanatha Swami and over 300 Prabhupada disciples and UK pioneers from all over the country. The event also attracted many newcomers who wanted to learn about Vaishnava culture.


Syamasundar, Malati and Guru Das on the Apollo's stage on November 24th.


The stage production was complemented by ultra HD projected visuals.


Jahnavi Harrison and team performed pieces from their new album.


Part of the Natya Nectar's performance


Jayadev leads the Mantra Choir.


A full house at the Apollo during Krishna Spectacular.

Source: https://iskconnews.org/krishna-spectacular-in-london-attracted-3000-people,7170/

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