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(Compiled from notes on lectures of H. H. Mahavishnu Goswami)

The following is an excerpt from the lecture given by our Guru Maharaja H.H. Mahavishnu Goswami on 22.7.2007 on Srimad Bhagavatam 1.8.43 at Sri Sri RadhaNeelMadhav Dham, Rajkot.

Maharaja explained, "We only wish well for others if we are really connected to heart. Heart to heart connection in this material world is completely impossible, our relationships are always clouded by some selfish interest. Again the fact is that Krishna is ignored. We fail to see Krishna in others and start discriminating. We never know that those are all Krishna's part and parcels. If we remembered this, our behavior would be ideal and cheating will be completely absent. But here everybody tries to cheat each other and in Kali yuga cheating is very rampant. How many places will you be careful, you can't be everywhere? People think they are intelligent in this, they ask veiled questions. The intention is something and they ask something else, to get the answer to fit into their own interest. In straight forward nature there is nothing to fear. Whatever questions we ask, we get straight forward answers. But in today's world ones stomach is aching and he complains about the head, they will never show you correct."

Maharaja said as the mass of clouds that glide down due to the force of the wind, think they themselves are moving, up and down, similarly everything is guided by the eternal time. Wasting time is like wasting Krishna, He is in front of us in form of time. From the purport of 1.9.15 Maharaja read, "Kala is identical with the Lord Himself, and therefore the influence of Kala indicates the inexplicable wish of the Lord Himself." Inexplicable means unexplainable, e.g. a person in coma, everything is functioning normally but still the movement of the body is absent and unexplainable. We suffer due to our karmas but Pandavas were staying with Krishna how could they suffer? It was the desire of time that they should suffer and that cannot be explained why. Always the desire of the Lord is the supreme cause. When we don't understand we don't try to find out the reason, we just say, Krishna desired it, that's the correct way. Sometimes a small child dies in front of his grandparents. All lament but in the end all say it was Krishna 's desire. Therefore kala is always inexplicable, why the small child died we don't know and how Krishna is saving us from all the trouble that also we don't know. Every moment of our existence Krishna is saving us from all the troubles, otherwise this body can never survive and it is not meant to survive. Again it is inexplicable that such a complicated body why is it working since long and why it stops we don't know and nobody can know. As soon as one is neglected by Krishna then anything can happen. Whether we are in this body or not, Krishna should not neglect us anytime, that should be our count. And if He neglects us than we should catch Him but with this body its very difficult to catch Him because body wants time. First rest is a must. In rest, in deep sleep we have connection with Krishna, so time goes away fast because time is Krishna so these things can never be explained but we have to accept it as His desire. That's it, nothing else. We are talking all this and how much suffering we have to have depends on His desire or how much enjoyment we want to have. In enjoyment we forget Krishna but in miseries we do remember Him. Many a times our miseries are inexplicable and when we cannot explain we try to blame so many people around us. That is a material tendency but those who are Krishna conscious they keep quiet. So whatever difficulty may arise in our life also, always there are inexplicable facts. So don't worry just keep quiet and eyes open. We don't see kala and even if we see kala we don't know that it is identical to Krishna. So the preaching must be in full force. Till we are alive we should be ready to see anything. Today we are all right so make the best of it. Krishna Himself says T.I.M.E. I am, There-Is-Myself- Everywhere

Maharaja read from purport of Srimad Bhagavatam 1.9.14. Everyone has to bear the actions and reactions of time as long as one is within the material world...One should not be disturbed by the tricks of eternal time. He said whatever is happening is Krishna's desires so don't lament. We must know that our service, our business, our seva or whatever is going on is because of His desire. Otherwise as soon as He neglects us everything collapses like a castle of cards. Arjuna won against the Kauravas but as soon as Krishna left this planet Arjuna was defeated by few cowherd men. His strength completely vanished. We are able to do something, it is because of Him, how can we neglect Him? Everywhere this has to be insisted. Krishna says "bahunam janmanaam ante..." This is knowledge, come what may, be with Krishna. In the material world we are always prone to be attracted by the illusory energy-maya but we have to stop this and come to Krishna. So we have to catch Krishna and by remembering, seeing His pictures, by writing or by reading books we can catch Krishna. So the more you catch Him eventually He will not leave you, but there should be sincerity. Whole of the life time just try to catch Him so at the end of the life we might see Him. This all is very easy to say but very difficult to put into practice because putting into practice means you have to forgo all your comforts and penances are involved. And when there is penance, we don't want to do it.

In the material world everyone is fed up with the same things. Somehow or the other with the introduction of Krishna or our Krishna consciousness activities, this should be avoided. Till the end there should be attraction towards Krishna otherwise life itself becomes a burden. Without Krishna in the veining age the life really becomes a burden. Krishna's strength never deteriorates so if we are connected to Him we detoriate slowly with time. In this world everything changes, even our body. We try to stop this deterioration with money and medicines but that makes our condition still worse. But deterioration is must as you advance in your age, if it is not there than it is surprising and according to that we have to change our food habits. Control should be there otherwise how can you face deterioration? Therefore Bhagavatam insist that our food must be like medicine and our medicine should be our food. Vedic cooking depends on these principles, we use all different spices. Our food habits must be simple. There is no way to stop deterioration, not even medicines. Bhagavatam and Bhagavad gita insist on chanting and any other method will be short always to achieve our goal. All these eternal values must be put into practice for our health till we are alive and for our comfortable death. Do unflinching devotional service always till you are breathing, only then there is some chance that at the end you may remember Krishna, we are going back to Him so meditate on Him.

The more you hanker after material things the more you get anchored with it. We are always anchored to our wife, our goals, and our money by which we can never move forward. We may do anything but there should be no attachment. Pay attention to one thing sayam, sayam means controlling, this is one word to summarise Gita and this is what Bhagavatam is all about. Control you senses, you eating, sleeping and mating habits. Vamandev was satisfied with only three steps though Bali Maharaja kept offering more but as a bramachari He said I ask only that I require or need. And another is santosh this will always protect you. Be satisfied in your condition, others may have anything or everything but we have our things. There is not need for hankering, be satisfied and this can be possible only by adding Krishna into our life. We always examine to find out Krishna because we have seen Him in the womb of our mother. Remember that kala or Krishna in the words and try to take up material existence which ever way He provides us. Then we will be happy. Material existence can never make you happy. Please try to depend on Krishna, He is our guardian. He guards and He is not a material guardian. Still with all this knowledge our faith dwindles, we put our faith somewhere else other than Him, that is our mistake and because of this we never win. We don't believe in transcendence at all, the power we don't believe and whether we believe or not we are surrounded by Him, inside and outside.


Hare Krishna Hare Krishna

Krishna Krishna

Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama

Rama Rama

Hare Hare

and be happy.



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