This Nityananda Trayodashi marks the 19th anniversary of ISKCON Desire Tree - Hare Krsna TV. 

Every tree needs nourishment in order to serve others. 


Serving mankind through _ _ Websites, _ _ Apps, _ _Youtube Video and Hare Krsna Tv Channel. Reaching out to more than 50 Million Homes Worldwide. 

7978258486?profile=RESIZE_584xThe Susquehanna Art Museum hosted members of Stress Free Harrisburg, the community arm of ISKCON Harrisburg at their monthly Art Moves Class. The collaboration was in conjunction with the museum's "Creating Joy: Art Inspired by Music" exhibit. The Susquehanna Art Museum is interested in how artists find joy at the intersection of music and art. Works were selected for this exhibition by juror Melissa Feldman. They provide unique perspectives on the joyful relationship between music and art, both visually and conceptually.

Kirtan is a Sanskrit word for ‘glorification’. Bhakti-yoga practitioners have been using kirtan as a tool to bring out the joy from the soul. The sound vibration in kirtan music that is often accompanied with mantras calms the mind and enters the heart removing layers of contamination and awakening the dormant love of God. 

September 17 – 23 is the World Holy Name Week organized by the ISKCON Harinam Sankirtan Ministry. Anasuya Dasi, Community Temple President of ISKCON Harrisburg said, "we are grateful to the Susquehanna Art Museum and Shani Jones for giving us this opportunity to introduce the practices of Bhakti-yoga to our community as an additional tool for stress relief and overall well-being".


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