Jim Poem by Bhaktimarga Swami

I have been in touch with my sister, Rose Ann, who just lost her husband who was struggling with cancer. Jim Burgess was an amiable person. I don’t know where he stood on spirituality but he did live on a plant-based diet. Below is my poem about Jim:


Came a man who hailed from Erieau

Just across the lake from state Ohio

He was just a really nice guy

Not a bone in his body you’d call shy

He had this positive gift of gab

With a personality oh so fab

He was generous and into charity

That could make him somewhat a rarity

He perceived animals as real pets

As loving beings who pose no threats

Known to flaunt the colour green

And lacked the aptitude to be mean

An all-around Canadian chappy

Which can be defined as someone happy

He had this shop with a million books

Rare books on shelves and in nooks

He was good to a lady named Rose Ann

For sure he was truly her only man

He was just that people’s guy

Who found a place beyond the great sky

We’ll remember him, won’t forget him

A special soul goes by the name Jim

            -Bhaktimarga Swami, The Walking Monk ©

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Source: http://thewalkingmonk.blogspot.com/2021/01/thursday-january-14-2021.html

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