Jagannath Vesha with Details - III

Baman ( Dwarf ) Vesha - Baman (dwarf) is the fifth incarnation of Lord Bishnu.Bhadrav sukla dwadasi is the birth day of Charming Baman. Lord Jagannagth is decorated as Baman with all Brahmin shymbols such as umbrella, Gadu, Kusa etc. Puspalaka attendants have decorated Sri Jagannath in a style that the Lord seen as a Baman. 21 thype of golden ornaments are used in this vesha.


Shradha Vesha - This besha is observed on 14th day of dark fortnight of Margasir Month. In accordance with Hindu culture, Sri Jagannath himself offers shradha Tarpan to their parents such as Dasarath, Nanda, Basudev . During Shradha Sri Jagannath is decorated with this Besha. On this days He offers light (deepa) to King Indradewimna who built the temple as per legend. On this occasion Sri Jagannath wears 27 feet long cloth, Balavadra 21 feet long cloth and Subhadra 18 feet long cloth. Their heads are covered with Sirikapada (a special form of cloth). This Besha is observed before chandan lagi (application of sandal paste).


Kaliya Dalana Vesha - Every year this Besha is observed on the day of Bhadrav Krushna Ekadasi. This Besha is being celebrated to commemorate how Krushna controlled the proud Kaliya, the multi hooded snake residing in Kalandi, lake at the bank of river Jamuna and forced him to quite the lake along with his family . A huge snake is built (30 feet) long for the Besha purpose. The hood of the snake placed at the feet of Sri Jagannath at the time Besha . This Besha is continued till completion of Sandhya Dhupa. (evening dhupa).


Suna Vesha - Sunaa Besha Observed five times during a year. Generally the besha happen on Bijaya Dashami ( October ), Kartik Purnima ( November ) Pausa Purnima ( December ) Magha Purnima ( January ) & Asadha Ekadashi ( July ) . The last Besha is observed on the chariot in front of Temple, other four Besha are observed in temple on Ratana Singhasana. This Besha has been observed since 1232. During the reign of Anaga Vima Dev the king of Utkal, Sri Jagannath declared as state God . The Gods are decorated with various gold ornaments during Besha. The total weight of the Ornaments are more than one quintal.


Pralambasura Badha Vesha - This Besha is celebrated on Bhadrav Krushna Dwadasi in every year. This Vesha commence after completion of noon Bhoga (Madhyan). This vesha is a memorial to Killing of Demon Pralamba by God Balaram during incarnation of Krushna. It is anticipated that this besha commissioned during 16th century. This Besha is made on Balavadra only while Jagannath & Subhadra remain in general form.


Naga-Arjuna Vesha - This Vesha is observed during Kartik month occasionally when Panchuka (last five days of Kartika month) observed as six days instead of five. As per mythological information , this vesha is celebrated in commemoration of killing of Sahashrarjuna by Parsuram or battle between Aurjua and his son Nagarjuna . The deities adorned with golden hands, Legs bids and weapons made of Gold.

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