Jag Musaphir Jag Ghana Din


Jag Musaphir Jag Ghana Din

Jag musaphir jag ghana din, so liya re,

Awake, o traveler, awake! You have slept for many days.

Pehile soya mat garb me, unda pav pasar (2x)
Bhagti karke bahar aayo, bhul gyo Kartar janam tera ho liya re... Jag (etc.)

First you slept in your mother's womb with upturned legs spread out. After doing the devotion, you came out and forgot the Creator. Now you are born;

Duja soya pita god me, hans hans dant dikhae (2x)
Behen bhai tera kare lad re, mangalacharan gaye lad tera ho liya re... Jag (etc.)

Secondly, you slept in your father's lap. Laughing and laughing, you showed your teeth. Your sister and brother caressed you and prayed for you, now you are caressed; so awake, o traveller...

Tija soya tiriya sej par, gale me baiya dal (2x)
Tiriya jal me fas gya bande, ye hai moh ka jal biyah tera ho liya re... Jag (etc.)

Thirdly, you slept in the bed with your wife, and putting your arms around her neck. Oh man, you were trapped in the net of woman. This is the snare of attachement. Now you are married; so awake, o traveler...

Chota soya buda banke, kone me khat ghalae (2x)
Halan chalan ki shakti koni, lini seva karae budapa ah liya re... Jag

Fourthly, you slept after becoming an old man - keeping a cot in the corner. Your strength for moving and walking is gone and now you are taking service. Now your old age has come; so awake, o traveler...

Panchve soe shamshano me, lambe pav pasar (2x)
Kahat Kabir suno re sadho, dina agni me dar dag tera ho liya re... Jag

Fifthly, you slept in the cremation ground with your legs stretched out. Kabir says, "Listen O Sadhu, putting your body in the fire you are burned; so awake, o traveler...

Awake ur soul by Chanting Hare Krishna MAhamanter

Hare Krishna HAre Krishna Krishna Krishna HAre HAre

HAre Rama Hare Rama Rama RAma Hare Hare

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