It is simply an example of Krishna’s inconceivable potency that such an insignificant coronavirus which is not even visible by the naked eyes had made this world standstill.

To fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, our Honorable Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi had announced a nationwide lockdown since March 24. There have been more than 17,340 positive cases of COVID-19 in India so far, with at least 559 deaths due to the disease.

As in many other parts of the world, people have been advised to stay in their homes apart from trips to buy groceries or other essential commodities has been noticed that those who are not spiritually motivated are completely frustrated sitting in their homes whereas the poverty-stricken class is even struggling with daily bread and butter. The government has rolled out a mammoth initiative to provide free meals to migrant workers and homeless people, who have been worst hit by the coronavirus lockdown.


To support the initiative, ISKCON Ujjain temple, under the guidance of HH Bhakti Charu Swami Maharaja, has stepped up to feed the needy in cooperation with the government, distributing over 500 sumptuous plates of prasad every day and is gradually expanding the operation for more number of people. Every plate of prasadam includes high standard Chapati, Sabji and Sweet. The quality of prasad is liked by the District Magistrate so much so that he recommended the prasad to be distributed to at least 200 coronavirus patients every day. Over nine thousand plates have been distributed in total since 3rd April. This sanctified food (prasadam) is being distributed to needy/poor people, police, healthcare workers and essential services workers in and around Ujjain. Because the temple is also under lockdown, prasad is cooked in the temple premises by resident devotees, who follow strict hygiene and social distancing measures themselves.

Hygiene standards like wearing masks, gloves and caps while cooking, while packing prasad packets are being practised very strictly. Vegetables are first washed in hot water with salt and all vessels are washed twice a day with soap and water. The whole operation starts at 6 am and after packing it in aluminium foil containers finishes at around 12:30 pm. Thereafter local government agencies handle the prasad distribution so that there is no chance for contamination of coronavirus to the devotees.

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Vrajendra Krishna Das



Source: http://www.dandavats.com/?p=84836

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