South Africa has a painful history. So many people have suffered transgressions, so many have endured racial policies based on discrimination and deliberate marginalization. This history and its ongoing ramifications should never be trivialized, and any callousness should be met with a concerted effort to deepen our collective understanding of past and present pain. 

Human dignity is the bedrock of our country’s constitution, which enshrines equality, human rights, freedom, non-racialism, and non-sexism. Those very same principles are also expressed in the constitution of ISKCON’s South African National Council (SANC), and each and every SANC member is committed to fully realizing those principles.

The Bhagavad-gita teaches that as eternal, infinitesimal spiritual beings, we are all equal as brothers and sisters, with Krishna as our common father. All of us must strive to fully assimilate this core teaching, and we must all recognize that example is more important than precept. Let us be cautious not to mistake our own perceived reality as everyone’s reality, and let us always observe true Vaishnava decorum and compassion, no matter what.  

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