By Madana Gopala Das  

The Third ISKCON Communications Global Online Conference was held on Saturday November 5th 2022 on the topic of Unity In Diversity.

Her Grace Vishakha Devis Dasi, president of the Bhaktivedanta Manor and renowned author/film-maker, highlighted the various approaches Srila Prabhupada used in resolving differences amongst his disciples as he navigated the unprecedented growth of ISKCON in the Sixties and Seventies. Some of the methods he used included encouragement, coaching, democracy, accommodation and many others.

His Holiness Bhanu Swami, scholar, author and Chairman of the GBC Executive Committee, offered some unique insights on the topic from the perspective of Gaudiya history and how the tendencies toward disharmony have been addressed by Vaishnava acharyas throughout the ages.

His Grace Vraja Vihari Dasa, co-founder of ISKCON Resolve, gave a comprehensive and interactive presentation on practical and proven ways to identify and resolve causes of differences and potential disharmony in ISKCON.

His Grace Anuttama Dasa, Global Minister of ISKCON Communications, highlighted the pivotal role of communications in bolstering unity in an increasingly diverse society.

Many attendees expressed great appreciation for all the speakers and felt that this was a very timely and relevant topic to explore as the world, and the ISKCON society, is experiencing aspects of disharmony and divisiveness.

Source: https://iskconnews.org/iskcon-communications-conference-on-unity-in-diversity/

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