I Walked.. I Prayed by Bhaktimarga Swami

The rain spoke to me during most of the afternoon: "You ain't goin' out there now; walkin' will come later."  So, that's how the bulk of the day played out. But the evening said, "You can come out now."
Karuna and I listened.  The first step outside practically knocked us over.  A whiff of plant power hit our nostrils.  It was rather overwhelming—the freshness of the air.  Though we are both tiring of all the dismal grey wetness, as of late, some consolation reminded us of this water going to our green friends—the bushes and the trees.
"Which way to turn?" asked Karuna as we set off for a well-deserved outside experience after being so confined to indoors.
"I feel like heading in the Casa Loma direction. (which is the castle nearby).” We were whimsical about which streets to tread.  We came up to trails not known to us, but whatever they were, they were blessed byles fleures fragrant.  The perfumed emissions were incredible.

Karuna parted after the forty-five minute walk, but I continued on, and realized before long that at the retail and commerce areas where there were pubs with screens, people were more than huddled, they were crammed with eyes glued to those screens.  The playoffs for the basketball championship were on.  Where I walked I could hear outbursts of joy.  That meant the Toronto Raptors scored.  After arriving back at the ashram and heading to bed, when the game was over, the car horns and humans cheering resounded.  The Raptors had won.  I called Rajasuya.  I woke him for victory.  "You asked me to pray.  I prayed."
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