7932563094?profile=RESIZE_584xYou can tell when someone is reading Srila Prabhupada’s books:
So this actress looking middle eastern lady and her young son parked their Porsche, walked past my book table and went inside the grocery store. I actually remembered meeting them in the past and how she was kind of puffed up, so I didn’t expect much.
When they came out of the store, they walked straight towards me with a big smile and the boy was holding a $20 bill to give me. The mother was so warm this time and all happy to see me. She goes, “how you been, here is a donation for you. I feel bad, I feel like I owe you,” and the boy puts the money inside my donation bowl.
I vaguely remembered giving the boy a book, so I thought I will just ask him if he is reading the book I gave.
The boy super enthusiastically says, “I finished the book!” Surprised to hear this 11-year-old say that he finished one of Prabhupad’s books I asked him again, ‘you read the whole book? Which book was it?’
He replied “The Science of Self Realization.”
So I tried to encourage him to take a few more books. He picked three different titles to take home, but the mother said the boy, Ali, can take only one book.
I encouraged him to take The Gita. The mother asked me why I insist Ali take home The Gita.
I said, “It’s the main book and its 1000’s of years old spiritual science, etc.. ”
The mother got irritated saying, “why everyone always talks about ancient, authentic, old stuff? What’s wrong with new? Why not forget about all that ancient stuff and just live in the now and go with the flow?”
I was thinking what to say to her and the boy interjects, “mom that’s what the animals do, as humans we are supposed to have wisdom and guidance.” He shocked both the mother and myself with his response. We both laughed so hard.
The mother goes, “baby did you just call me an animal?” The boy bluntly replied, “Sorry mom that’s what these books say.”
After they both walked off I couldn’t stop laughing. I was thinking to myself, this boy has definitely read Prabhupad’s books

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