By Sacitanuja Das

“To He whose Heart is made of Gold,

"We offer this Song sung in Stone” 


yas tuṣṭātmā sphutam anupaṭhec chraddhayā śuddhayāntar

medhyaḥ padyāṣṭakam acaṭulaḥ suṣṭhu govardhanasya

sāndraṁ govardhana-dhara-pada-dvandva-śoṇāravindaṁ

vindan premotkaram iha karoty adri-rāje sa vāsam


May a person who with faith, attention, and a pure and cheerful heart, reads these eight verses glorifying Govardhana Hill, reside by that king of mountains and find there intense, pure love for the red lotus feet of the lifter of Govardhana Hill.

(Dvitīya Govardhanāṣṭakam 9)

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