Health Issues – Dallas, Texas, USA, 02 June 2023, 1.30 a.m. CDT

Jayapataka Swami: This morning at 1:30 am, the night shift devotee noticed that I had become practically motionless. He attempted to wake me up, but it appeared that I was in a diabetic coma as I was unresponsive. He immediately contacted Mahavaraha and the attending doctor, Dr. Vinay Gaurachandra. Upon examination, it was discovered that my blood sugar had dangerously dropped to around 29 or a similar level.
In America, 911 is the phone number that one can call in case of an emergency. Sarvajaya Madhava Das called and informed them about my dangerously low blood sugar. As a result, they sent some paramedics who administered intravenous glucose to me. The reason behind my significant drop in blood sugar is something that needs to be investigated.
When I regained consciousness, I felt a bit hazy. I looked around the room and saw all these men in blue uniforms surrounding me. I didn’t know if I had been kidnapped or what had happened. Then, Sarvajaya Madhava came over and put my glasses on because it’s difficult to see without them. After that, I started to realize that I was in the room where I had been sleeping at Sarvajaya Madhava’s house. Some of the devotees were in the background, and gradually, my consciousness returned. The doctor began asking me questions such as how many fingers I could see, what is my name, where I was, and various numerological questions like my date of birth.
I don’t know what happened. They informed me that I wasn’t responsive and had slipped into some sort of diabetic coma or similar state. I’m not sure about the details. They dialled the emergency number, and the paramedics were dispatched to revive me. Now everything is fine.
I underwent my Superficial Radiation Therapy this morning. I’m still feeling a bit shaken. Somehow, Krsna saved me. He wants me to do some more service, I guess. But it was a very close call. I mean, having a blood sugar level lower than 60 is incredibly dangerous. All my staff assisted me in overcoming this unexpected incident.
Now I am flying to Atlanta, New Panihati Dham. There, I will probably rest for a while, and tomorrow we will have Ratha-yatra. On Sunday, we will celebrate the Panihati Cida-dahi Mahotsava, Danda Mahotsava. Yesterday, according to the Vaisnava calendar, we celebrated it in Dallas. This weekend, we will celebrate it in New Panihati Dham.

Source: http://www.dandavats.com/?p=109068

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