6636081094?profile=RESIZE_584xOne day you asked me not to cook for you, saying, “You can see that I can’t eat anything. Still, why are you cooking? You have so many things to do. Why are you wasting your time cooking for me?”

I told you, “I cook, hoping that someday you will feel better and would like to eat something.”

You replied, “I will get better only when I leave this world.”
I broke down crying. In a very soothing voice you said, “Is this what you learnt from me? Is this what I taught you? Didn’t I say, didn’t I teach you that the spirit soul is immortal and never-changing. It is only the body that changes and finally dies when the soul leaves the body.”

When you left this planet, those instructions remained as my guiding beacon. Although my heart ached with constant agony due to your separation, I tried to remember that you were always there. At that time I used to imagine that just as a mother sometimes hides while teaching her son to walk, urging him to start walking by searching for her, similarly you are hiding behind some invisible curtain so that I will search for you and thus develop my ardent desire to go where you are.

Those days I used to think I had so many things to do here. Therefore, I needed to stay. Now that I have done whatever you wanted me to do, please allow me to go back to you. You have already called back so many of your dear children. Now please allow me to have this good fortune.

Aspiring to be your eternal servant,
Bhakti Charu Swami


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