Today is Hera-pancami or Laksmi-vijaya!

Lord Jagannath along with His siblings leaves for a vacation to His aunt’s place and His consort Mahalakshmi was left behind in the main temple. While leaving he had promised that He would return the next day, but time passed by and He never came back, nor did He give any information. After the 5th Day, she became impatient and hence decided to visit the Gundicha temple to see if everything was ok.

The Hera-pancami festival takes place just five days after the Ratha-yatra festival. Lord Jagannatha has left His wife, the goddess of fortune, and gone to Vrindavan, which is the Gundica temple. Due to separation from the Lord, the goddess of fortune decides to come to see the Lord at Gundica. The coming of the goddess of fortune to Gundica is celebrated by Hera-pancami. Sometimes this is misspelled as Hara-pancami. The word hera means “to see” and refers to the goddess of fortune going to see Lord Jagannatha. The word pancami means “the fifth day” and is used because this takes place on the fifth day of the moon.

In Sri Dham Mayapur there is a very beautiful Gundicha Mandir located in Srila Prabhupada Samadhi area, the Gundicha Mandir host so many exquisite fresh fruits that gets replaced every day, the entire mandir is built and intricately decorated by these fruits. Looking at the mandir your heart will melt in a very special way as you watch how majestic our beloved Jagannath adorn the Mandir with His Siblings. Lights, lights, and more Lights!!! The Gundicha Mandir is like a different world altogether in the Samadhi Area! If your heart isn’t completely stolen by such commitment devotees expertly make to please the Lord of the Universe, then I don’t know what else can steal your heart!

Devotional service is indeed joyful and excruciatingly blissful, your limbs can’t stay steal once you hear the chanting of the Holy names of the Lord and the hairs on your body will surely stand on ends simply by honoring the Lord’s Mahaprasad! Every day Prasadam distribution has been ongoing and today community prasadam distribution is there…

The Lord has been offered a very beautiful Suna Vesa today and, in the evening, there will be recitation of Jagannatha astakam, Deep daan offering and cultural programs all for the pleasure of the Lord of the Universe!

Source: https://www.mayapur.com/2022/hera-panchami-goddess-lakshmi-visits-lord-jagannath/

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