Happy Janmastami everyone!

Haribol! Please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Sri Guru Parampara and all the devotees!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Janmastami! I'm at New Vrindaban, West Virginia, where I've been since last Friday. It has been the most ecstatic time of my life! This is exactly what I needed spiritually! The devotees here have been absolutely wonderful, and there's been so many blissfully ecstatic kirtans this week! I can't wait for Mangala Arati to start, and today's festivities are going to be awesome! Jaya Sri Krishna! 

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  •  Nitai Gaur Haribol! I'm home now from my vacation at New Vrindaban. I had the most inspiring ecstatic time of my life! I learned so much, met so many amazing devotees, and participated in the most ecstatic kirtans of my life! One of the days the kirtan rose to such a feverish pitch that I had goosebumps for hours! The devotees at New Vrindaban are extremely devoted and ecstatic devotees of Srila Prabhupada and deserve recognition for their amazing service to our Lord and His devotees!

    They were very respectful of my initiation by a guru outside of ISKCON, and they all deserve pranams for that. I'd love to thank Jaya Krishna das, the Temple President, for his kindness and tolerance of a fallen soul such as myself. He was very tolerant of my limitations because of my health problems, and was always very kind to me, and corrected me so gently when I was doing something wrong. I wanted to publicly give him dandavat pranams for his wonderful service of running such a large community and His infinite patience with visitors and fumblng, out of practical sadhana devotees like myself.

    I especially want to thank Malati dasi, whom I have known from back in the mid 1990's from visiting the Columbus temple repeatedly in my crazy travels. She has always been so kind and sweet to me, even though I have had a very unconventional life by anybody's standards. She always takes the time to listen to me, and she gives such sweet wisdom with a loving heart like a true mother. Jaya Malati dasi!

    Nitai Gaur Haribol!

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