Govardhan giri episode - a lesson.

The episode of the lifting of the Govardhana Hill shows how surrendered the residents of Gokula and Nandgaon were to Krishna.
Dasaratha was heart broken at the thought of Rama having to go to the forest for 14 years but was unable to break his word to Kaikeyi. However Vasudeva was also known to be a Satyavaadi or one who always speaks the truth.  He promised to give his eighth son to Kamsa. He even gave Kamsa his first son when it was born.  However when the
voice told him to take Krishna to Gokula, he obeyed instantly not caring about his word to Kamsa.
The residents of Gokula were prevented by Yogamaaya from realizing that Krishna was God.  However every time there was an attack by an asura and the asura was somehow killed, the residents would thank Hari for having protected them and their beloved Krishna.  But as time passed, they realized that it was Krishna, Himself, who was protecting them, as in the case of Aghasura, Kaliya, Narakasura etc. Despite this we can imagine how much of immense trust it would have taken for all the residents to take shelter under a hill that was lifted by a seven year old boy on His left little finger.  Even if He carried it then, what was the guarantee that He will be able to carry it until the rainstorm stopped?  After all He was not a gigantic Nrsimhadeva or Hayagriva, whose one glance could make all the asuras flee.  He was their darling, mischievous butter thief, who got scared of His mother every time she scolded Him. Water is always compared to materialism - such as the ocean of samsara etc.  The storm sent by Indra was no ordinary storm but clouds that only come at the time of pralaya.  For seven days and nights these clouds poured incessantly.  This means that one can take shelter of Krishna wherever one might be and be protected not only from materialism, but from all worries over how to provide for food, shelter, clothing etc.  They will all come automatically without asking.  Protection from all danger comes without asking as well.
One only needs to have the mahavishvasam which comes from the mercy and grace of the Acharya or guru.
Even though the gopis and gopas dressed and lived very simply, they were very rich, because their wealth was measured in terms of the number of cows one owned.  They had not only a very large number of cows, but also all kinds of gems and jewels.  They were rich spiritually because Krishna who was born to Devaki and Vasudeva lived with them in Vrindavan throughout His childhood.  The residents remembered these pastimes throughout the rest of their lives and were sustained by it.
In the same way we can also be sustained both materially and spiritually by meditating on these pastimes by reading the Bhagavatam.
Again it was only during the time that Krishna was with them that the residents were visited by asuras.  Similarly we will be tested when we attempt to surrender and shortly thereafter. Thus the Govardhan episode tells us that belief and faith in the Lord is the single most important thing in life.
Jai Srila Prabhupada!!
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