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I was poised to start the chanting as lead singer for the temple's mangal arati, when a young man came to the mic in front of me.  Some miscommunication I suppose.  I had been asked on the previous day to sing.  It was a good lesson in humility for me. The young man said to me, "It's my birthday today."
"How many years?" I asked, and he answered it was his twenty-fifth year on the planet.
Behind me was the voice of a peer.  "He should let you lead," implying I'm his senior and that would be proper etiquette.  
"But no," I thought, "he's of the next generation.  We must give him the chance to be a future leader."
I was, however, clearly lined-up to deliver the Bhagavatamclass on Canto 9 regarding the avatar, Parasuram.  Without being disrespectful, he was 'born to be wild' and I had that seat, the vyasasan, to tell all I could about this extraordinary person.  Throughout the day I was complimented by listeners, so I suppose I rendered some service of help to others.
It was our last night's performance for, "The Queen's Secret," and I would say it was the best take on it yet. You can always tell by the audience reciprocation.  That is certainly a gauge.
Although I was slightly upstaged in the morning, I feel I was sufficiently staged for the day.
May the Source be with you!

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