God speaks to me.... A poem

 Each day I remember God

 Only if I have some need

 Always complaining and blaming HIM

 Every time I don't succeed.

      One day I was blaming God

      For all that HE gave me not

      I felt God talking to me

      And here's the answer I got.....

 Who gives the air and water

 which U take for free?

 Who is giving U the lovely food

 whenever U feel hungry?

     Who gave U this healthy body

      and maintains it intact?

     Who gives U mind and intelligence

       to think before U act??

 Who is behind all good things

 which make U smile?

 Who is always there to help U

 just think for a while..

      I care for U every moment

      as U are My own part

      But U keep forgetting me

      though I sit in your heart..

Did U ever thank me for 

all that I am giving U?

With this God stopped talking 

and I knew what to do..


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  • Hari bol....really we are thnakless creatures...he is always there for us...and we are always complaining for one or other thing....
  • Volunteer
    God appears, and God is light,
    To those poor souls who dwell in night;
    But does a human form display
    To those who dwell in realms of day.

    William Blake "Auguries of Innocence"
  • Haribol awesome one.Good one to make us remember how thankless vr to god for allt hese beautiful tyhings he gave it to us.
  • nice
  •  mataji, i will be ever grateful to you for this excellent poem


  • wow !!!!!!! what an eternal truth !!!!!!! thanks for this poem.....
  • A completely marvellous poem. One of the best poem I have ever read in my life.


    Thankyou very very much. Pamho

  • fabulous! simply FABULOUS!!!
  • Thanks Prabhu ji's and Mataji's for their  kind appreciation.


  • hare krishna heart touchong poem
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