Gita Govinda

Gita Govinda - Radha’s feelings of separation from Krsna
Song by Jayadeva Gosvami

When Radha saw Krsna enjoying affectionate exchanges with all the cowherd maidens in the groves of Vrndavana, she became indignant because he had not acknowledged her eminence. She immediately departed for another part of the forest and hid herself inside a shady bower that resounded with the drone of bumblebees. When the sakhi saw Radha powerless to go to Krsna despite her being fervently desirous of his company, she described Radha’s condition to Govinda, who was himself inflicted physically and psychologically with transformations of intense amorous desire.

athagatam madhavam antarena
sakhim iyam viksya visada-mukam
visankamana ramitam kayapi
janardanam drstavad etad aha
When Radha saw her companion return without Madhava, her heart sank. Feeling apprehensive, Radha remained silent and began to conjecture, “Is Janardana enjoying love with another passionate woman?”

ramayati subhrsam kam api sudrsam khala-haladhara-sodare
kim aphalam avasam ciram iha virasam vada sakhi vitapodare
ramate yamuna-pulina vane
“The brother of Haladhara – that indiscriminate, ill-mannered uncouth rogue, Krsna – is definitely tightly embracing some woman with beautiful eyes and making love to her. So sakhi, tell me – how long shall I sit waiting in this bower of flowering vines in an unpleasant mood, completely devoid of rasa?”

nayatah sakhi nirdayo yadi sathas tvam duti kim duyase
svacchandam bahu-vallabhah sa ramate kim tatra te dusanam
pasyadya priya-sangamaya dayitasyakrsyamanam gunair
utkantharti-bharad iva sphutad idam cetah svayam yasyati
Sakhi – “O sakhi, Radha! He did not come.”
Radha – “If that merciless, cruel-hearted, two-faced cheater does not come, why should you be upset?”
Sakhi – “He has many beloveds and he freely enjoys amorous love with them without the slightest restraint.”
Radha – “What fault is that of yours? Look! Today my heart has been broken by the burden of intense eagerness. Being attracted by the qualities of my most beloved Sri Krsna, my heart will go to meet with him by itself.”

ripur iva sakhi-samvaso ’yam sikhiva himanilo
visam iva sudha-rasmir yasmin dunoti manogate
hrdayam adaye tasminn evam punar valate balat
kuvalaya-drsam vamah kamo nikama-nirankusah
“O sakhi, my heart feels the pleasing company of my friends to be like the association of enemies. The cool and gentle breeze seems like a sacrificial fire and the moonshine gives me pain as if it were poison. Nevertheless, my
heart is forcibly attached to him against my will. It is true that kama is always completely unbridled in dealing with impassioned young women who are as beautiful as the night-blooming water lily.”

badham vidhehi malayanila panca-bana
pranan grhana na grham punar asrayisye
kim te krtanta-bhagini ksamaya tarangair
angani sinca mama samyatu deha-dahah
“O Malaya breeze, give me pain! O archer with five arrows, you may steal my life-airs, but I will never go home! O Yamuna, you are the sister of Yama, the lord of death. So why should you forgive me? Sprinkle me with your waves so
that the burning distress of my body may be extinguished forever.”
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  • Hare Krishna, Jay Sri Radhe!!
  • Hari Bol! My heart feels the pull of longing, My soul is buring from this sepration, hideing in the fires of longing not wanting to rise. thank you Maataji! Hare Krsna!
  • Radhe Radhe maataji ..............this part is very divine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jaya Radhe Radhe! Hari Bol!
  • Hare Krsna ! The words used in the dialogue between Radhe Rani and the Sakhi, seems not appropriate to their psychology. The love of Radhe Rani and Gopies was not jealous, self centered as the words in the translation tentamounts one to think. I do not know who has translated the sanskrit version to english version. Whether the translator is an authority on Sanskrit and English as well ? I wonder. In my opinion the author has reduced the level of pure love of Radha Krishna or Krishna and Gopies.
  • These relacionmentos love between Radha and Krishna provide the requisite soul all necessary for us to redeem the reminder that we are eternal servants of GOD ......

  • hare krishna mata ji!
    Mata ji how much you about radsha ji and abhimanu marriage. I really want to listen this story .If you really know something about this then plz send me.
    very thanx to you.
    your insignificant servant.
  • Hare krishna!
    Its very typical to understand the intimate relation between radha and krishna. With our materalistics mind we cant understand. So just chant Hare Krishna Mahamantra and always be Happy.
  • jai shri radhe!!!
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