Drama - Gita: Concise by Bhaktimarga Swami



Once you were in the body of a very small child
Then you grew up to become a little wild
Your body as a youth showed all this passion
When people carry on in a certain kind of fashion
And then you took the body of a man
Energy went to responsibility as you plan
Before long your body gets old
You then exit to enter another life of gold
The body will perish but you will not
What I tell you is very good food for thought
The soul is immortal... it will persist
It cannot be injured by sword or by fist
By fluid or water it cannot be drowned
By fir—not burned like ashes to the ground
By wind and air it cannot be dried
No method of destruction will work if you tried
So Arjuna, you really should not lament
For the body that lived in time well spent
You start to focus as a warrior would do
Or else there will be ridicule towards your family and you
The Kauravas are watching every move that you make
It's a matter of duty you are obliged to take
If you hesitate when something needs to be done
You receive reaction and that is no fun
Action and subsequent reaction is called karma
When we act as expected it's called dharma
Do your dharma, avoid the karma
Do your dharma, avoid the karma
The world with all its changes will never come to an end
I'm telling you this because you are my friend.
Author: The Walking Monk. © Bhaktimarga Swami 2019



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