Door to Door

I was distributing in Auckland with a few Bhagavad Gita's, after an hour or so I ran out, we still had some SB 1.1.s, but I was lamenting a little because I'm pretty attached to Bhagavad Gita's. Bhakta Luke and myself went up to a door, a man answered, I told him we're monks, going around distributing these wonderful books about self realization and how to be satisfied and peaceful in life. He said he wasn't interested in taking a book but would like to give us a book. I said, alright, thinking we may be able to talk to him a little more and convince him to take a book when he came back to give us his book which I figured would be the book of mormon, since they like to give their books away. But to our surprise he brought back a Bhagavad Gita. When I saw the Bhagavad Gita in his hand and he was trying to give it to us, I naturally tried to convince him to keep it and maybe in the future he'll pick it up and get something out of it. But he was determined to give it to us, he wanted us to give it to someone else who may get more out of it. We reluctantly took it. As we were leaving we met another man in the driveway who had just pulled up, so I decided to show him the same book. He was interested and decided to get it. He said he didn't have any money on him so he had to go in his apartment to get a donation. I asked him if he lived in the top apartment or the bottom one, he said he lived in the top one, which happened to be the same one that the person who gave the book that was in his hand, lived in. Hare Krsna. As he was going in, Luke and myself couldn't believe it, and were praying to Krsna that his room mate not discourage him. By krsna's mercy he came back and gave a donation. Krsna fullfilled my desire to distribute another Bhagavad Gita, and amazingly it ended up in the the same apartment that it had come out of, Krsna is pretty tricky. He didn't want to leave. your servant, Vijaya das.

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