Did Prabhupada Name Next Acharya?

Question: Did Prabhupada Name Next Acharya?

Is Srila Prabhupada still the diksha (initiating) guru of ISKCON?

During his presence on this planet did Srila Prabhupada announce anyone to be the next acharya (diksha guru)?

What are the qualities a disciple should possess in order to be the sishya(follower or student) of Srila Prabhupada?


Answer: All of His Disciples who Strictly Follow Him

In Vrindavan, India on 18 October 1977 shortly before his departure from this world Srila Prabhupada informed us that he would no longer give diksha (initiation). Srila Prabhupada is therefore the diksha guru or initiating spiritual master only for those devotees who took initiation before 18 October 1977.  Srila Prabhupada instructed us also in May 1977 that after his departure the new devotees who join this movement should become the disciples of his disciples.  Therefore those ISKCON devotees who have accepted initiation after 18 October 1977 are the disciples of Srila Prabhupada's disciples. They are not directly Srila Prabhupada's disciples.

Srila Prabhupada did not name any particular disciple to be the next acharya. Rather he taught us that any disciple who is strictly following him becomes the next acharya. This means that there can many branches of acharya coming in Srila Prabhupada's ISKCON tree. He taught us this principle in many times and places again and again. Here is one occasion from a lecture he gave in New York on 1 December 1966:

"So Krishna also, as spiritual master of Arjuna, He played. He is the original acharya. Then acharya's disciple becomes acharya when he assimilates the knowledge received from bona fide acharya. So he becomes bona fide to act as an acharya. Evam parampara-praptam [Bg. 4.2]. Acharya means one who has become a rigid disciple of his acharya. Just like a critical student under a professor, he becomes a first-class professor, similarly, a person who is a very rigid student of bona fide acharya, he becomes next acharya. "

Anybody who chants the Hare Krishna mahamantra at least 16 rounds daily on japa mala beads and strictly avoids illicit sex, meat eating, intoxication, and gambling, as well as regularly reading and following Srila Prabhupada's books is a first class follower of Srila Prabhupada and is fully qualified to take initiation into his sampradaya (disciplic succession) by becoming the disciple of one of his disciples.

Sankarshan Das Adhikari

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  • @ Nisarg Pr. Pamho.

    You mentioned:>>>> Al that we need to concern is that we dnt make any offense at the lotus feet of Vaishnavas.

    I say: MOST of the anti-ISKCON and anti-Guru websites are being maintained by Ritviks people themselves. Contact the webowner(s) at the end of such rubbish-filled websites if you are a frequent visitor to it, who enjoys the "updates" on offences. Also, only ritviks people OPENLY criticize the Vaisnavas in public, in FOLK classes, in SB classes, in Media, in mails-to-Wellwishers/donors/members/Youths etc. If you are NEW to Ritvikism so-called "family" then you are YET to see it.


    You mentioned: >>>>Here we are not opposing anyone's faith.

    I say: I have seen Ritviks "stealing" the ISKCON devotees because they want them to consider that circumstantial "final order" controversy.


    You mentioned: >>>>All that we are concerned is to place Krishna and HDG Srila Prabhupada as centre.

    I say: Certainly, Krsna is the basis of every one's activity and Srila Prabhupada as the Param Siksa guru.  You will never find devotees in ISKCON worshipping Goddess Kali and doing Ganesh puja in the morning than of Srila Prabhupada (Guru Puja).


    You see, how Srila Prabhupada stressed to be away from the Ten offences to the Holy name. Yet Ritviks does the first offence of "blaspheming Vaisnavas" as a regular "exercise" to their Holy name chanting. Oh Krsna!

  • @ Sanjay Pr. PAMHO.

    You should be ready with the response of your pasting "Link" too.

    Here comes the link. http://www.iskcon-bda.org/main/reply.html


  • This ritik system is totally stuid argument . That means every body can initiate and make disciple for Srila Prapupad. Who will accept the Karma of the person ? Then why Srila Prapupad why  cant you initiate for Lord Krishna , Narada Muni  and so on - the procedure is same . What is the purpose of initiation-  a ritik doesnt know that . It is also for the continuation of the Parampara .Any vishnava sampradaya doing ritik ? Sri Vishnvas following same ?  Ritik  Got inspiration from the Muslim Quran  that Mohammed Nabi is the Last prophet ''  and same thsese ritik are saying . The person supporting Ritik should explain how a person know know Srila Prapupad accepted him  as his disciple ? Who will accept his  Karma ?

    For example a Person following all the regulative principle and sadhana  but the person working in a shop selling Cigarates . Will they make him a disciple of Srila Parpupad or Reject ? How can these people judge on behalf of Param Vishnava Srila Prapupad . It is solely the discision of the guru that whether he want the person as his discipel of not . These acting same like Srila Prapupad . This is the biggest Vishnava offence .

    Better than ritik system is totally stopping initaition.


    This ritik system emerged as a result when some one got opulance and good temple by the mercy of his Guru and krishna  and then he thinks that because of him everything happend . He offend his own Guru. He arranged people to kick his own Guru when he was doing keertan .


    tad viddhi pranipatena
    pariprasnena sevaya
    upadeksyanti te jnanam
    jnaninas tattva-darsinah

    Just try to learn the truth by approaching a spiritual master. Inquire
    from him submissively and render service unto him. The self-realized
    soul can impart knowledge unto you because he has seen the truth

    The path of spiritual realization is undoubtedly difficult. The Lord
    therefore advises us to approach a bona fide spiritual master in the
    line of disciplic succession from the Lord Himself. No one can be a
    bona fide spiritual master without following this principle of
    disciplic succession. The Lord is the original spiritual master, and a
    person in the disciplic succession can convey the message of the Lord
    as it is to his disciple. No one can be spiritually realized by
    manufacturing his own process, as is the fashion of the foolish
    pretenders. The Bhagavatam (6.3.19) says, dharmam tu saksad bhagavatpranitam--
    the path of religion is directly enunciated by the Lord.
    Therefore, mental speculation or dry arguments cannot help one progress
    in spiritual life. One has to approach a bona fide spiritual master to
    receive the knowledge. Such a spiritual master should be accepted in
    full surrender, and one should serve the spiritual master like a menial
    servant, without false prestige. Satisfaction of the self-realized
    spiritual master is the secret of advancement in spiritual life.
    Inquiries and submission constitute the proper combination for
    spiritual understanding. Unless there is submission and service,
    inquiries from the learned spiritual master will not be effective. One
    must be able to pass the test of the spiritual master, and when he sees
    the genuine desire of the disciple, he automatically blesses the
    disciple with genuine spiritual understanding. In this verse, both
    blind following and absurd inquiries are condemned. One should not only
    hear submissively from the spiritual master, but one must also get a
    clear understanding from him, in submission and service and inquiries.
    A bona fide spiritual master is by nature very kind toward the
    disciple. Therefore when the student is submissive and is always ready
    to render service, the reciprocation of knowledge and inquiries becomes

  • Dear Amit,

    I really not aware what happend with you. Please let me know what made you feel that they dnt follow HDG Srila Prabhupada's instruction.

  • Hm.... Al that we need to concern is that we dnt make any offense at the lotus feet of Vaishnavas. Here we are not opposing anyone's faith. All that we are concerned is to place Krishna and HDG Srila Prabhupada as centre.
  • Volunteer
    Sanjay Pr please dont post any link or something which belongs to rtivik's
  • pls read the following link- http://struggle-for-truth.org/
    The Struggle for Truth
    Read about the downfall of Guru-system in ISKCON leadership from 1977, and ISKCON-Bangalore’s struggle to re-establish the Ritvik system of init…
  • Hare Krishna,

    What can we say about Ritviks? :( i have personally wasted my time for around 2 years with ritviks.

    More than bhakti they are induldged Vaishnava Apradha. What is the use of this kind of bhakti if you are doing so much Vaishna Ninda.. One who is totally absorbed in Vaishnava Apradha cannot even understand Srila Prabhupada's teachings and still they claim that they know Srila Prabhupada better than anyone.

    Not a single disciple of Srila Prabhupada is with them still they claim that they understand Srila Prabhupada better than those who served Prabhupada personally when He was physically present and after that.

    It is humble request to Nisarg ji, kindly do not preach philosphy of those who do not follow Prabhupada. Humble request to other devotees that please do not get misguided by false statements made by ritviks.

    Hari BOl

  • Mohsin Hassan: After you, is it any decision has been made who will take over?

    Srila Prabhupada: YES. All of them will take over. These students, who are initiated from me, all of them will act as I am doing. Just like I have got many Godbrothers, they are all acting. Similarly, all these disciples which I am making, initiating, they are being trained to become future Spiritual masters. (Conversation, Detroit, 15 July, 1971)

  • "Every student is expected to become acarya. Acarya means one who knows the scriptural injunctions and follows them practically in life, and teaches them to his disciples...

    Keep trained up very rigidly and then you are bonafide Guru, and you can accept disciples on the same principle. But as a matter of ettiquette is the custom that during the lifetime of your Spiritual master you bring the prospective disciples to him and in his absence or disappearance you can accept disciples without any limitation. That is the law of disciplic succession. I want to see my disciples become bonafide Spiritual master and spread Krsna cosnciousness very widely, that will make me and Krsna very happy." (Letter to: Tusta Krsna, New Delhi, 2 December, 1975)

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