Devotees in Dnipro in Ukraine


Dnipro in Ukraine has a beautiful Hare Krishna Temple, a thousand devotees live in this city with beautiful Deities of Gaur Nitai and Jagannath, Baladev and Subadra. (The big Gaur Nitai have moved to a secret safe location.)

They have a traveling Sankirtan party and a big Prasad Distribution Initiative, it’s like going back in time to ISKCON in the old glory days. The devotees have such a welcoming mood, it is very humbling visiting this temple.

There are 150,000 refugees living in Dnipro as it is the biggest city in the Eastern war zone. These refugees are people fleeing the local war zones hoping to return in the near future.

Wonderful devotees such as Bhakta Yurii and Tusta Krishna Prabhu with a team cook delicious Prasad on open fires for thousands of struggling people daily.

We visited some of the shelters where 40 people would happily share a room and eat Prasad with relish.

Last Saturday a rocket attack destroyed an apartment block killing 45 residents. 500 service men and volunteers worked day and night to search for survivors, the devotees maintained a continuous supply of delicious Prasad, very much appreciated by all.

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