Detachment from material world

important shlokas and meaning of the same from Srimad Bhagavatam.

neha catyanta-samvasah

kasyacit kenacit saha

rajan svenapi dehena

kim u jayatmajadibhih


na -- not; iha -- in this world; ca -- and; atyanta -- perpetual; samvasah -- association (dwelling together); kasyacit -- of anyone; kenacit saha -- with anyone; rajan -- O King; svena -- with one's own; api -- even; dehena -- body; kim u -- what to speak then; jaya -- with wife; atma-ja -- children; adibhih -- and so on.

TRANSLATION BY His Divine A.C Bhaktivedanta Srila Prabhupada

In this world no one has any permanent relationship with anyone else, O King. We cannot stay forever even with our own body, what to speak of our wife, children and the rest.

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  • It's true but contionuous reading Sri-Bhagvatam and listening lectures of great acharyas of Iskcon one can feel detached from material world. HAREKRISHNA!!!!!
  • Hare Krishna, It is a very simple truth of Bhautik Jagat. But it takes o many lives for a human being to realise and digest the truth. And that too comes only with the "Kripa" of Lord Krsna.
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