Declaring Dependence upon the Holy Name.


Declaring Dependence upon the Holy Name. 
Romapada Swami: Is there anything that exists that we can say is ours? We can’t say that the body is ours because it can be taken away. Our mind is not ours because it is not under our control. Our possessions are certainly not ours. Even the soul itself is the property of Krsna. So what can we say is ours? Our acharyas give us the answer: the one thing we can say is ours is our relationship with Krsna. It can’t be taken away from us, just like the free-will of a living entity. Our relationship with Krsna is constitutionally given to us. So one of the statements or declarations of full surrender unto Krsna is to declare that nothing is mine. Another is to say that, “Krsna, I am Yours, and You are mine”. That is the platform of full self-surrender, wherein one thinks himself as Krsna’s property. That is declaring our dependence upon Krsna.

In this age, the form of Krsna that is most accessible to everyone, regardless of the modes of nature or the condition of life one is in, is the holy name. So, as we are dependent upon Krsna for our deliverance, we are particularly dependent upon the holy name, because the holy name not only delivers us but it also delivers everything of the spiritual world: Krsna’s form, qualities and His pastimes. In the very elevated stage, simply through the chanting of the holy name, the pastimes of the Personality of Godhead are enacted within one’s heart.

So by chanting of Krsna’s holy name, the Hare Krsna maha-mantra, we are declaring our dependence on Krsna. Declaring dependence means we serve, because when we are dependent on someone, we naturally serve them. Even in ordinary life, if someone is very kind and munificent to us, we want to reciprocate and serve them. Similarly, Krsna is the Supreme father who is maintaining all of us. Recognizing Krsna’s position, one should want to serve Krsna, especially in the form of the holy name. So declaring one’s dependence on the holy name means to pray to “let me become situated once again in my relationship of love on the spiritual plane, with You Krsna, eternally”. That is the spiritual reality, where we are fully dependent upon Krsna.

– From a lecture by HH Romapada Swami titled ‘Real Independence - Declaring Dependence upon the Holy Name’ during a seminar on 'Festival of Holy Name’


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