Srila Prabhupada said the above quotation and this is indeed the basic idea that drives a Sri Krishna follower without which his life becomes meaningless. We need to take the name of Sri Krishna and chanting can be done in the early morning, before going to bed and while on the way towards office.

As I go to my office in a bus, i chant the name of Sri Krishna - Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna hare hare , hare rama hare rama rama rama hare hare! This helps me keep myself fresh and stay connected with Lord Krishna who is the creator of this world. 

I love to read the literature of Sri Prabhupada as it gives me lot of energy. I believe that this name inspires you to lead a positive life. It helps you see the positive side of life and stay away from negative energy. As if Lord Krishna becomes the guide and protector for the devotee taking the name. It is very important to attend the meeting of Iskcon as it inspires you with the inspirational teachings of a True Guru. Today I was very happy to hear from Swami Raghunandan of Panihati I felt very happy and thanked him personally for his motivational speech. A guru shows you the right path for a happy and peaceful life. He shows you the right path of krishna consciousness. 

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