Chant & be Happy - Quotes


1.  Simply by sincerely chanting the Holy name of the Lord, everything becomes perfect.

2. Make your chanting heart- deep, not just lip- deep.


3. Chanting the name of God is a form of service, and God reciprocates that service by purifying the heart from within.

4. Krishna is non different from His name, but the degree to which He manifests depends on our attitude.

5. Prayer is the earnest entreaty of the heart for purification. Such yearning is the essence of spiritual life and of chanting Hare Krishna.

6. The extent we remain absorbed in chanting is the degree to which we become purified by chanting.

7. With our lips we should be chanting, with our ears we should be hearing, with our heart crying out for the Lord like baby for its mother.


8. Enthusiasm and eagerness is the difference between hollow ritual and a genuine act of devotion.

9. Dedication to help others weans us fro self absorption and opens the heart for nama bhajan.

10. One’s determination in chanting is not just dependent on one's resolve at the moment of chanting, but how one lives one's life in general, especially the previous night.

11. Pure chanting is begging for mercy to the point where our plea brings us to tears. One can't do this without humility.

12. Drink more and you become a drunkard. Similarly chant more and you become a perfect chanter.

13. Chanting the holy name means turning oneself towards the Absolute Reality, Sri Krishna. It must be done affectionately. it is the only means to reveal the holy name.

14. Unless humility becomes the voice of our chanting there is little taste to our prayers.

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