Akshaya Tritiya in essence is the day of Receiving – the day to receive unlimited spiritual benefit by giving, expecially offering charity on Akshaya Tritiya is considered very virtuous . Scriptures proclaim that offering oblations to forefathers, taking bath in holy river, offering anna dana, sastra dana brings one more auspiciousness than given on any other day. As Navadvipa dham Mahatmya declares that any spiritual activity performed in Navadvip dham earns one 1000 times more benefit than offered elsewhere. One can imagine the amount of great good fortune that awaits by offering seva to Mayapur dham on Akshaya Tritiya day.

As you are aware, every day 8 truck loads of prasada have been cooked since early in the morning by our Food for Life team and are sent to villages around Mayapur and also to far places like Krishna nagar for distributing to poor villagers.

Our distribution team shares stories of how in some villages, they are eagerly waiting in queue since morning awaiting their ONLY MEAL for the day. Mothers are happy that thanks to ISKCON Mayapur, they can see smiles in their children face.


Today 8 trucks have left to the following villages:

1 Gouranga team : Kalabagan (nabadwip) – 800 plates
2 Nityananda team : Rail gate (nabadwip) – 700 plates
3 Prabhupada team : Kanchkuli (Near Belpukur) – 800 plates
4 Jagannath team : Near Belpukur – 700 plates
5 Baladev team. : Kulipara (Gurni Kag) – 700 plates

6. Subhadra team: Mongola Para ( Krishnanagar)- 800 plates

7. Narasimha team: Bahadurpur ( Dhubulia)- 800 plates

TOTAL : 5300 plates will be distributed.

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