Book Distribution Quotes by Srila Prabhupada

Now I am trying for printing arrangement and this book also can be nicely printed provided you take charge of distribution. I am very much anxious for sale of my books. It has to be organized; please think over this matter. If the books are not properly sold how can I print so many books?
[Letter to Kirtanananda, 27 April 1967]


Although I am practically on the path of death, still I cannot forget about my publications. I wish that if I live or die you should take very serious care for my publications.
[Letter to Hayagriva, 10 June 1967]


When these books arrive to your Montreal Temple, it will be great service if you can help your god-brothers in arranging for widespread sales of these books. We are writing so many literatures and this is very good, but also we must make arrangements for distribution to the public at large.
[Letter to Jayapataka, 1 December 1968]


You are trying for the new Temple, but our main business is Sankirtana and distribution of literature. If Krishna gives us a better place, that is all right. Otherwise we can remain at any place never mind hell or heaven; but we shall only be very cautious about propagating our Sankirtana movement.
[Letter to Madhudvisa, 26 March 1970]


And then we take the books and publish them in French and German languages. My Guru Maharaja liked the publication of books very nice. He liked publications of books more than construction of Temples. [Letter to Tamal Krishna, 15 May 1970]


I am very glad to know that your sales of our literature and books are very good and improving more. It is natural that such distribution of literatures should increase as the people hear more about Krishna Consciousness Movement, so distribution of our books and literatures is our major propaganda program.
[Letter to Hamsaduta, 29 June 1970]


Whenever I get report of my book selling I feel strength. Even now in this weakened condition I have got strength from your report. You should know that in this work you have Krishna's blessings.
[Letter to Satsvarupa, 8 September 1974]


The book sales are very encouraging, increasing, increasing. It is very good news. Thank you, I want this. Record selling is temporary... A book sold becomes a permanent matter for enjoyment. We read the scriptures again and again and it is still fresh; when there is time, I go on reading my own books.
[Letter to Hamsaduta, 1 October 1974]


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  • The Sanskrit word vibhu means the Supreme Lord who is full of unlimited knowledge, riches, strength, fame, beauty and renunciation. He is always satisfied in Himself, undisturbed by sinful or pious activities. BG Purport 5.15
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