Benefitting from the devotees’ mercy


In Stratford, I met Sandy, a Westpac Bank worker from New Zealand, who told me that she has most of these books and LOVES reading them. She said that every time a devotee comes through, she buys another book.

“These are not books you just read once and move on,” she said. “I read them through fully, then after a few months I re-visit them and start reading them over again.”

She was so inspired, and she really takes shelter of Prabhupada’s books. This time, we sat on a park bench, and I showed her what I had in my box. She happily bought the First Canto and HUH and took a Bhagavatam-set brochure. She may get the set next year.

I asked whether she’d heard of the Hare Krishna mantra.

“Of course. I read about it in all the books,” she responded with a laugh.

I then asked whether she’s interested in trying it, and she happily agreed and took some chanting beads and said she will begin with one round a day.

Also in Stratford, a male high-school teacher walked by and said that he is into spirituality. He started to explain how years ago he had read a small book about a king and a man who carried the king and did not want to step on ants. He was talking about Jada Bharata, in the book Perfect Escape. It was amazing to hearing him recount the whole pastime. He looked blissful while glorifying this instructive narration. He had not come across more books since then, so was glad to take a copy of Hiding in Unnatural Happiness.

In New Plymouth, I met a young couple with a baby. The man saw Prabhupada on a cover and smiled. The man explained how he had been soul-searching for a long time after losing many loved ones. He is illiterate. But a few months ago, he had bought the Science of Self Realisation. Every night since then, his wife has been reading the book to him, which he finds very enlightening!

Sankirtana yajna, ki jaya!

Your aspiring servant, Liv


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