Ballad of the Gita Lover

In Tomsk, there's angst;

About a Scripture in fame,
That man goeth against;
Truth, is verily a shame.

"Consign to Siberia",
Oft' heard as nowhere;
But with a new criteria;
'tis here now somewhere !

'Cos to ban they chose,
The Gita - a love tale;
Then Of souls there arose;
In India, a gale !

To surrender soul and mail,
For pure Love is amiss,
The Gita doth detail;
'Cos religions' no bliss !

How be it extreme ?
For a father's such care;
Now, He is the Supreme,
& In Love 'tis all fair.

Extremist notion,
prosecutors foist;
Religious commotion,
The world doth hoist.

But take to Law & Court,
Gods words like cream;
Subject to those by rote,
Is far extreme! par extreme !

HH Bhakti Vinoda Swami.

(HH Bhakti Vinoda Swami preaches in ISKCON Coimbatore and Kerala Zone)

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