The number of calls to our temple/ashram are increasing.  This is a fairly typical dialogue:
 “Are you guys open?”
“Do you know when?”
“It’s hard to say.  Most likely we’ll open when most other places do.”
“That’s too bad. I miss (the temple or Govinda’s).”
“There’s not much we can do,” we have to say.
Basically a conversation like the above makes me happy that people are missing Krishna and that there is a spiritual need.  It shows that we are wired to need other people and that loneliness is not our forte.  It is unfortunate that some folks have lost their loved ones and that’s why some people hanker for the sanctuary of the temple.  It’s a place where people will come to meditate and pray to deal with difficulties.
Some folks do you get inside but in a most restricted way.  Vijay comes to deliver produce.  There’s some risk involved when going to pick up temple/ashram needs and then do the delivery.  Throughout the week four priests or pujaris come for regular seva (service) and they are cautious.
My day was somewhat occupied by classes through live streaming in addition to opening doors for those bringing in other goods, what to speak of answering the calls.  I found no time to walk.
My message to most of those I contacted was “Happy Mother’s Day” for tomorrow.  There are millions of ways to express gratitude towards one’s mother.  So on Sunday wish her the happiest Mother’s Day.  Serve her in some capacity, this day—every day.

Source: http://thewalkingmonk.blogspot.com/
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