Approaching New Year by Bhaktimarga Swami

8368883095?profile=RESIZE_584xI would like to express a happy new year to all the readers and also say that we should not be so torn by the social circumstances of these days. This is the play of the mundane world. There is always some agitation.

At noon I had lunch with one of our ashram residents, Uttamananda. He brought up a topic that is indeed upsetting. As he is driving through the day he sees how the big chain box stores are permitted to be open for business. However, “The small persons doors are required to be shut down.” (If so) he was implying that it is not fair. Such is this world. It is often perceived as unfair.

During my walk this evening (and usually I do go in the evening, when it’s safest) I chose to meander the resident areas through The Annex, so I did not pass by those mom-and-pop shops mentioned above. In my own contemplation of the pandemic dynamics I thought again of such unnerving exploits of this world but as I moved along, avoiding ice patches, I came to a resolve simply by thinking that life sucks when one is in mundane consciousness. “Remember Krishna, who’s not of this world.”

I believe I made a woman and her young son uneasy as I was sauntering along. When the streets are wet, slushy and salty, as they are these days, I preferred to wear practical clothes, so I doned a black coat with a hood and black pants. I sported stark white tilka markings on the forehead, which might have thrown them off their equilibrium a bit. It is a sign of Vishnu and it is auspicious; it’s not really mundane.

Happy new year!


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