My hands trembled and my mouth dried. as i heard my mother's voice faintly in the background. " Uma hanged herself". Today her body was found hanging in her bedroom from the overhead fan.The body was found by her younger brother who returned from school after giving his 10th std board exam papers. My mind was shaken. What a cruel twist of fate. A young energetic girl, very very responsible and competent to take over the family responsibilities of earning taking care of tthe house and also her little brother was now just one of the statistics of hundreds of teenagers ending their lives in frustration. She just added to the list.i wonder what made her take this drastic step? There are no answers yet. No one knows. What was she going through in life. Why was it so painful that even life with all its pleasures and luxuries seemed worse than death. why at that moment everything that she had ever valued or loved seemed more insignificant than death. Why embracing death seeming more comfortable and better than facing whatever she was going through at that time. Why the thought of ending her life was more important than even the love of her little brother who who will be left all alone in this world blurred in its presence.Maybe we will never know what was going on in her mind. But we know one thing that Suicide is not the solution. Even according to scriptures suicide is labelled as the worst kind of sin. It is a sinful activity and it has very horrible consequences too. Sometimes young people think that it will solve all their problems but my friends it is nothing but escapism. By escaping from the problem the problem does not go away. The problem very much remains there.Just like an ostrich when he is chased by a lion or a tiger he runs as fast as he can but when he is exhausted he just stops running and hides his head under the sand thinking the danger will go away if i cannot see it. But unfortunately meets his death upon such foolishness. Suicide is just like that. It is foolish.My condolences are with the family and especially the brother who is now left all alone. She may have thought that this is the best way to escape from all their miseries but believe me it shows the lack of courage to face life with all its problems. May be she just gave up struggling. Life is a struggle no doubt for everyone. But it is a test of our courage to go on without giving up. God is pleased by our efforts and then he makes things happen which straightens the whole thing up. As the famous saying goes "God helps those who help themselves first". The only thing he wants from us is that we keep a positive attitude and know for sure that "All is well" in the hands of god. if we place our life in the hands of God then ultimately he will make everything well in our lives. We should have this faith.
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  • very nicely written mataji i hope people read this and get some positive attitude to deal with the problems of life hare krsna
  • Thank you Sita devi dasi

    Hare Krishna
  • Thank you for your inputs. i agree with what you say. Taking shelter of a supreme master gives us that confidence and we should guide the younger generation to take shelter of the supreme Lord when in trouble or faced with problems.
  • Hare Krishna, Prima facie we say suicide is a great sin. What lies under this statement is that : a person when ambushed and attacked by problems from all the four sides - should not lose patience and strength to fight, should not lose will-power to face the attack. This losing of will power to face problems leads to committing suicide. So in reality loss of will power is the main culprit. Chanting Hare Krishna Maha Mantra gives the strength to fight all odds and problems. We should guide our young generation like this.
  • yes it is terrible Jayshree radha mataji, but she was not a devotee but once she assisted in some preaching so krishna will not forget that. she was under too much pressure and stress but she did not take help from anyone. devotees should help people who are in such kind of stress and give them knowledge of kc.
  • That is so terrible! Was Uma a devotee? Did she have devotee friends? If somehow devotees could help other devotees who seem too much under pressure or stress. Though some peole are very good at hiding their pain. This is why devotee association is so important. If life gets too stressful or difficult, if we have the assoication of devotees then we can come out of our darkness. Oh Krishna please help Uma and please forgive her. Please help her friends and family! Hey Govinda! Hey Gopala!
  • If we place our life in the hands of God, we can accept all good and bad things, as Grace of god (keep mind in balance). If we don't lose faith then we stay strong in all circumstances no matter how painful they might be........
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