Aindra prabhu was the soul of chanting!

Hare Krishna!
All glories to Srila Prabhupada & sri RadhaShyamsundar & world wide Sankirtan movement.
Prabhuji / mathaji, please accept my humble obesiences.
aindra prabhuji was my guru & his sudden depature made all of us a very loss & shocking.i was busy in my exams so i got the informaton very lately, i never atteneded he last journey as well the pushpanjali day on 20 th july , so i request to iskcon vrndavan , all godprabhuji's to accept my humble requst to keep a very big memorable day for AINDRA PRABHU, & inform all the devotees atleast 3 days back so that they can attend the great spritiual legend sankirthan chanter memorable day.
again & again i request to keep a big memorable day for all the disciples, & devotees who were unable to attend sudden depature of our spritiual devotee aindra prabhu.
yours obediently,
preeti devi dasi,
jai jai sri radhe........
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  • hare krsna mtaji here is the link to sripada aindra babaji's lectures


  • There is no "nice" way to die, death is horrible in any form.
    Soul is not meant to die, but as long we in material world we have to go
    through this expirience, which is the most horrific expirience there is.

    It is best not to question the way any devotee changes his/her existances,
    otherwise you will end up thinking and talking criticaly about a devotee who
    might have been transfered to spiritual world by time you are still thinking
    of how he died...

    It is simply not important, thinking of this will not "clear your mind",
    maha-mantra will.
    As far as serving vaishnavas - any vaishnava deserve respect and service, so
    why can't you help yourself serving vaisnavas by remembering this simple

    Instead of thinking of how Aindra Prabhu left his body you could dedicate
    your time to extra-chanting while remmebering him - because his spiritual
    service example is what really matters, not the way he kept or left his

    Hare Krishna,

    your servant,
    Vrindavan Lila Dasi
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    Jai jai Sri radhey
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