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About me and my Guru Maharaj and ISKCON

I was initiated in 1978 by a saint of the Ramakrishna Order. He is a great saint, though a lot of people might want to label the Ramakrishna order as an impersonalist sect. This is untrue, as I have received the most personal guidance from him since I met him. When I took him to ISKCON Bangalore once, he danced like a child before the deities and danced around the Tulasi plant. he is now 91 years of age, and only Krishna knows how long he has to live in the mortal frame.He has read and completely understood the Gita, and has imparted a lot to me.He initiated me under very strange circumstances, as I was not easily given to surrendering to anyone at that age.
If any devotees are in Bangalore, they could gain tremendously from his association.he lives a simple life, without fanfare, without a huge group of disciples surrounding him, peacefully, he remains withdrawn from worldy affairs, and sustains himself without any external supports (financially also, he makes an existence out of his pension) and does not depend on anyone except the Lord.

In 1984 I met Kurma Das, a devotee at the ISKCON Temple in Pune. He introduced me to ISKCON, preaching, book distribution, kirtans and other spiritual activities of ISKCON. Later I got married and started a grihastha life, so I could not pursue my relationship with ISKCON.

I am still trying to trace Kurma Das. No he is not the famous chef Kurma Das, this particular Prabhuji was originally from Sudan, has a dark complexion, is tall and well built. If anyone can help me find him, it would be wonderful.


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Comment by Sanjeev Kumar Punj on May 12, 2009 at 2:39pm
Krishna's mercy brought me to ISKCON.I also met Lokanath Swami ji Maharaj, one of the rising suns in ISKCON. He has been having such a profound impact on my life, that I wanted to get a new initiation done, but I leave it to Krishna when it will happen it will happen.I concentrate on trying to chant as much of Harinaam as possible.Seeing the failing age of my Guru Maharaj, I pray to Krishna for accepting him.

Fortunately I was not exposed to impersonalism much. So let us leave it at that. Krishna has lit up my mind with effulgence unparalelled. All I seek is Krishna's mercy always.

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