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Hare Krishna!
Today we have partialy published a new Darsan photo book, Mayapur Chandrodaya Darsan, I had uploaded a small book of 40 pages, 7x7" to my book store on

You can check it out (preview first 15 pages + 2 covers) here:

and order it here:

Please note that the price on website is set by the publishers (, not by me, postage is a seperate cost.

This is not the main book, but a small sample of what's coming, an "utsav" Darsan book :-)

We hope to print the main book in India, size would be 11x11" , 120 pages, with hard color printed cover.

50% of the profit would go to the Deity Department of ISKCON Mayapur, printing cost returns would be used for publishing more photo books of Mayapur.
We need the money for printing this Darsan book, 2 lakhs of Rupees. Please kindly try to make some contribution if you can.

Hare Krishna.

your servant, Vrindavan Lila Dasi

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