Sri Harinam Sankirtan Nectar in Sydney

Tonight the city was filled with the loud and clear sound of the Mahamantra tugging at the hearts of all the souls wandering in the material world.

Fourteen wonderful devotees came with us and pulled back the veil of maya with their melodious chanting.

We started at our usual place near Woolworths and wound our way down through Pitt Street mall. Then we came back along George Street to Town Hall.

As usual people welcomed us along the way with smiles and waves. Many people feel a lift in their heart when they hear the mantra being chanted to the rhythm of the mrdanga and Karatals. Their souls are begging them to wake up. Even the shopkeepers come out and wave to show their appreciation.

The Vivid festival has started and the city is crowded with people who have come to see the lights and colours being displayed on the buildings.

Thanks to Radha Vinod, Dhanvantari and Kirtan who distributed books. People took a Science of Self Realisation, Chant and be Happy, a Higher taste and two Perfection of Yoga.

Don't forget we are dancing and chanting in the city of Sydney every Thursday . We meet at 6.30pm at Town Hall and we chant the Mahamantra until 8pm. We invite you to come, we really want you to come.

Please accept our invitation to join us whenever you can, we have a wonderful time and so does everyone else who sees us and hears the vibration from the transcendental world. See you next Thursday.

Sri Harinam Sankirtan ki jaya.

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